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You open your eyes, it takes a second for your eyes to adjust to the bright light shining through your window. You're in your house, you can see everything you have which isn't a lot.

You put on your coat, head outside and make your way down town. You see a lot of different shops. The weapon store, tool shack, bank, employment office and many more. You feel at home here.

You hear someone call your name from behind you in a threatening manner. You turn around slowly to see one of your rivals approaching you ready to fight. You take a breath and then charge at them, smiling a little knowing that one day you will be the top dog of this town.

Round 35 incomingSaturday 14th February 2015

After a long hiatus I am ready to start a new round. BlackDog pulled out another win and has gone undefeated for 6 rounds now. He also has the most rounds won throughout the entire history of Gangta! An impressive feat.

I've finished up a few changes for this round that include:

* Weapons, Armour and Tools can be levelled up by using them, increasing their attack, defence or skill.
* Character levelling formulas have been adjusted to allow higher levels to be achieved.
* Added more introduction missions and a new continuous mission (deliveries).

I'd also like to thank Jose for the support he has given to me and Gangta. You have him to thank for this new round.

Good luck in the new round,

- Rhinos

Round 34 - June/July/AugustSaturday 28th June 2014

Welcome back to another round of Gangta. Congratulations to the winner BlackDog who has been the most respected gangster 5 times in a row now. An impressive feat. Prizes have been given to the winners. Changes made this round include: - 3 new ro…show more