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You open your eyes, it takes a second for your eyes to adjust to the bright light shining through your window. You're in your house, you can see everything you have which isn't a lot.

You put on your coat, head outside and make your way down town. You see a lot of different shops. The weapon store, tool shack, bank, employment office and many more. You feel at home here.

You hear someone call your name from behind you in a threatening manner. You turn around slowly to see one of your rivals approaching you ready to fight. You take a breath and then charge at them, smiling a little knowing that one day you will be the top dog of this town.

Round 34 - June/July/AugustSaturday 28th June 2014

Welcome back to another round of Gangta. Congratulations to the winner BlackDog who has been the most respected gangster 5 times in a row now. An impressive feat. Prizes have been given to the winners.

Changes made this round include:

- 3 new robberies that are location specific. They are currently in London, Washington and Rome.
- When you have mastered a robbery you will no longer get caught by the cops. You will succeed every time.
- Changed the way the messaging page looks. It now looks more like todays smart phones showing your previous messages with someone so you can easily reply back to them.
- Changed the top of the "Your House" page to show you a better overview of what you currently have. Now you can quickly see at a glance how you are progressing.
- Added 4 new introduction missions to help you learn the ropes.
- Altered the car boosting mission so that the minimum number of cars you need to boost is 1 instead of 3. This will make it easier to complete missions early on as long as you can get at least one of the cars needed.
- Optional objective added to the Nightclub introduction mission.
- You will gain more max health when using steroids and levelling up. Your health will also regenerate a bit faster now.
- Improved the code a bit to help things run a little faster (still at the mercy of the host though during peak times).

Good luck!

Round 33Thursday 17th April 2014

A new round is beginning. Komandors managed to pull 2nd place this round just beating Queenpussykatt. Ray Ray was nowhere to be seen and we had a new face on the top 5 of Striker. VIP days have been given for the top 5 overall winners and VIP days & st…show more